Gambling & Sports Betting To Generate a Regular Affiliate Income Stream

No matter whether you’re a veteran affiliate marketer and/or a novice, I’m certain you care about making a solid monthly income.

Traditional payment models like CPA, Cost per Acquisition or CPS (Cost-per Sale), you get paid on the action. It is important to have enough sales or acquisitions to sustain a solid monthly income in order to make a consistent income.

You can still build your own revenue stream by joining affiliate programs. These programs offer lifetime commissions and a variety of revenue streams. Welcome to the world sport betting and gambling affiliates.

Why is Sports Betting & Gambling so Profitable?

Online satta in Australia has a multi-billion-dollar market. Sports betting is on the rise despite the economic downturn.

The typical model for affiliates in sports betting is:

CPA Model

This model pays you per unique depositing signup. Payouts range from $50 up. The benefits of this model include a potential higher initial payout. CPA affiliates are more interested in referring people who have a longer lifetime at the bookies and focusing on getting them the leads. CPA programs in Sports Betting are limited to those who have already proven themselves.

Revenue Share

Revenue share models pay you a percentage from the revenue generated through players you refer. Percentages are often on a sliding basis (i.e. The higher your revenue, the greater the payout. A revenue sharing model is a way to get paid for your entire player’s life. This means that if a player generates revenue of $10,000, you get a cut. This technically means that you’ll get more long-term revenue if you refer more players.

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