Benefits of Wine and Food Travel

My expertise in food and wine was always in European cuisine. Because of this, when I travel around Europe, I always try to sample every type of regional cuisine. I’ve always been passionate about regional Italian dishes, so that’s why I studied at the Cordon Bleu Parisian culinary school.

My experience as a wine and food consultant has led me to conclude that a tour of Europe that revolves around wine and food is much more appealing. It is a part of the culture that many local dishes, especially from France/Italie, represent.

You can visit Europe on a trip, but to reap the full benefits, it is best to go on a food and/or wine tour.

By visiting these regions you can not only see the best of Europe, but you also get to try delicious local and authentic foods as well as wines. Although these wines may be readily available at your local grocery store, you won’t get to try them if you don’t know much about them. You will also miss out on some great international wines.

You have probably been to the country where the wines are made. Because you don’t take any tours when you travel, but you do go on food- and wine-tours!

It can even be more helpful! You get to learn about the cultures and customs of the countries you travel to, as well as their wines, beliefs, and foods. This will make you a skilled cultural traveler, who is familiar with his food and wine.

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