Different Cuisines Around the World

Each country’s cuisine reflects its cultural diversity and the impact of civilization. Each country has its unique cuisine. This reflects its culture, traditions, customs and the foods its people love.

There are many famed cuisines around the world which can show the civilization of their countries. Here are the most famouse:

Italian Cuisine

It depends heavily on some key ingredients that have made Italian cuisine so popular, like bread, pasta, wine and olive oil. Many other ingredients such as tomatoes, cornmeal, bell peppers and potatoes were also discovered in the New World.

Italian Style Coffee is very well-knowne. It’s also known by the name espresso. It’s a concentrated coffee that is prepared by forcing boiling water through finely roasted coffee beans at high pressure.

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese culture sees a meal as consisting of two or three components. These include a carbohydrate source (or starch) and accompanying dishes such as vegetables, meats or fish. Many other countries have adopted contemporary Chinese cuisine, including India and North America as well as Australasia and Western Europe. A large part of Chinese cuisine is rice. Soup is served as a side dish and at the end. Chinese cuisine is known for its bite-sized food. This allows you to quickly pick up the pieces and eat them. Traditional Chinese culture considered knives or forks ineligible at the table, as these tools are considered weapons.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is a mix between Aztec and Mayan cuisines as well the Spanish influence. Mexicans love corn-based foods. These include beans, chili peppers and tortillas. Tortillas is a staple in Mexican cuisine. Tortillas can be made by soaking maize in limewater and then making a dough. Finally, the tortillas are cooked on a flatgrill. Chiles are another classic ingredient in Mexican cuisine. They add depth and color to traditional Mexican dishes.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle eastern cuisine is a collection of diverse cooking styles from different countries. Arabian, Syrians, Greeks, Egyptians, and many others cuisines. The Middle Eastern foods’ rich flavors and spices are a feast for the eyes, contrasting with the richer, deeper tastes of the main ingredients. Many other flavors such as mint, garlic, rosemary, and others. Middle Eastern food has a healthy, fresh, and delicious reputation.

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