Four of The Best Foods in the World

There is an infinite number of cuisines in the world. Some might suit your tastes, while some may not. It is difficult to sample all of the foods from any given culture or region. It is said that food habits change every 100 kilometres. You must try a few dishes before you die.

1. Italian
Who hasn’t had Italian cuisine? Pizza is the favorite Italian food. Pasta is another popular export from Italy. Pasta, an Italian dish, is popular because it’s a hearty, healthy and delicious cuisine. Our food taste would be much less delicious without it.

2. French
French are known to be food lovers. France has always been known as the “food capital” of the world. It boasts the largest number of Michelin-ranked restaurants. This cuisine is often classified as high cooking and has lots of cheeses, exotic foods (such as foie gras) and creative cooking techniques. You can make a perfect pairing of French food and a fine wine for a great night.

3. Indian
Indian food is gaining popularity rapidly in recent years. This ancient cuisine, which has been practiced for over 3000years, has taken elements of different cultures and modified its recipes over the years. North Indian cuisine is well-known for its spicy curries and tender vegetables. It’s a hearty and delicious cuisine.

4. Chinese
Chinese cuisine has to rank among the top ten most-loved cuisines. Each city has a number of Chinese restaurants. It’s a versatile cuisine that can be easily adapted for local tastes. Because Chinese cuisine is so widely adapted and popular, it will be difficult to find authentic Chinese food in other countries. Chinese food is rich in chicken, rice, and fresh vegetables, with a sweet, sour, pungent flavor.

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