What is Health Now?

The title question is an important question. Everybody should be able to answer it. But the truth is that we only inquire about health when we have serious problems. The World Health Organization in 1946 gave an official definition of “health” as it was understood in a wider sense. This included the state of being fully healthy in all aspects of life, not just in terms of absence of disease or disability. This was a great definition for 1946. But, let’s face the truth, things have changed and our lives have evolved. Today, there are two new dimensions to health: emotional and spiritual. The “big picture”, which is how we can see each aspect of health, allows us to take a step back to understand the bigger picture. Emotional problems can cause social, spiritual and physical problems. Although it’s possible to resolve an emotional problem by speaking with a friend in the beginning, it could become more severe and require professional treatment. You’ll want to find out more about each of these aspects of health.

Physical health is the first thing I think about when I think of perfect health. Babies are my favorite example. They run all over the place until they fall asleep, and they use their energy to get there. I think we would be healthier if we all did the same. One definition of physical fitness is when all of the organs function at 100%. For that reason, it is important to get adequate nutrition, exercise and sleep. Although it sounds simple, it is not difficult.

Mental health. One good example is Thomas Alva Edison. Although he failed to invent a light bulb a thousand times, he was strong enough mentally to persevere and finally succeeded. Mental health allows you and your community to reach their full potential. Although this may seem odd for some of us, it is essential to help others. It will make you feel good and keep you healthy.

Emotional well-being – I can see a little girl at Christmas opening her presents. This is a good example of good emotion health. Gratitude and happiness are two of the most important emotions. I believe emotional health means feeling positive, grateful, happy, and not being afraid of sharing these emotions. Doing both mental and physical exercise that we enjoy is a great way to improve social health. If you play tennis or chess you should do it as often as possible.

Social health – Making friends is the best indicator of social well-being. Because of the nature of social interaction, health is crucial. Research has proven that when people are sick and have their loved ones with them, they recover more quickly than if they are alone. To improve your social wellbeing, it is important to recognize that while it is nice to feel important, it is more important than ever to be nice.

Spiritual health is my number one priority. It affects all aspects our health and is often overlooked. Meditation is a great way to nurture our souls and take care our physical bodies. If you are unsure about meditation, don’t worry. It is much simpler than you think. Simply be silent and remain still. Meditation can have a profound effect on your spiritual well-being and overall health.

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