The main reasons people travel

There are two ways to answer the question, “Why people travel?” The obvious answer is the first, which we often give to ourselves and share with others. We travel to visit sights, see other cultures and attend events. This is how we learn more about the world.

These are very exciting reasons. However, there are deeper motivations for traveling. These reasons have less to be about what we do and more to do to ourselves. These five changes to ourselves are what make traveling so appealing.

Travel Enriches You, Before, During & After

The anticipation of a vacation is almost as stimulating and rewarding as the trip itself. The excitement of anticipating what you will find ahead, as well as the detail required to make it happen, can help to keep you from getting bored at work. The more detailed you can imagine the trip, the more exciting it will be for you.

The trip can make daily life very difficult. These moments can be very intense, so it is important to take in the moment and observe everything around. This is clearly an aspect of a style and method of traveling that allows you to experience a more intense experience . It takes you far beyond the bus , into the streets, squares or landscapes of the cities you’re visiting, and onto the waterways. Independent travel is different than “contained” travel.

Explore the World with

Travel provides a framework to understand the historical context and key touchstones that led you to where you are today. Now you find yourself in the Borgia papa’s office. It is surrounded with the exact walls that were used to protect the Papal Bull-a mandate-that seized all the wealth and security of the Western Hemisphere for Spain, Portugal, and the rest for 200 years. When you pause at the exact location where this happened, events and their significance take on a new meaning.

Now you’re looking down at stairs that lead to a tunnel linking Leonardo da Vincis home with the royal palace just across the street. This tunnel was where King Francoise travelled to speak with his genius friend. Now, you’re in Bayeux. Here is where William the Conqueror made his naval vessels for crossing the English Channel and claiming the English throne.

These experiences enrich your knowledge and firsthand understanding of time, place and the world.

Tourism Makes You More Vibrant, Interesting

Travel is something you can look forward to… to plan for… to study… and later to tell others. You will bring back stories. If you allow life to get monotonous, especially when you retire or your work ends, it can be quite boring. Anticipation and the memories created by it are worth as much as the trip itself.

It is much more enjoyable to share travel stories and observations rather than limiting your conversation to your most recent doctor visits or your frustrations over the weeds growing in your lawn.

Travel Re-Energizes You

You can regain your excitement through travel and anticipation. You are excited about the future and avoid dulling feelings caused by routine and repetition.

Travel requires you to be focused and effective. Comfort zones might be safe. However, it is important that you get out of your comfort areas regularly. If you don’t, your social skills may begin to decline and your ability solve problems and think clearly will decrease.

Enhanced Health and Well-Being

Travel is a great way to stay fit. You stay sharper longer, too! Everyday, the challenges of traveling test your ability to think clearly. Traveling can be challenging, especially if it isn’t a group trip. To be aware of the situation, you know that you will need your feet on the ground. You will be walking a lot, up and downstairs as well as on stairs.

When you return from your trip, you’ll generally be in better shape than for months or even years. It is a great idea to start planning for your next trip immediately so you have an incentive to improve and be ready for it.


These temporary benefits can make your travel experience more enjoyable. You will live a more fulfilled life and think more broadly. You’ll be able to make lifestyle changes based on the lessons you learnt while traveling. You will find yourself more lively and interesting when you are regularly re-energized. You’ll also feel better health and wellbeing.

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