Three Principles to Health for a Happy and Long Life

We are delighted to share with your the seven principles of good health. We are interested in what you can do to have a fulfilling, happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Any information that we share with you is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. However, you are encouraged to seek out your own medical advice, preferably from your physician. However, this information is based on tried and true methods.

You have probably heard much about my health and lifestyle, as well as the seven principles for health. These principles are subject to many interpretations. The health principles that matter most are generally what we’re referring to. These are not the only health principles you can use in your everyday life. The purpose of this article, in fact, is to make you more aware of them and help you live a healthy life.

We don’t wish people to be sick and certainly not want them to be using prescription drugs more than necessary. Are we wrong to believe this? Because you have many natural remedies that can prevent illnesses from ever happening. Alternate health measures can be taken. It is possible to take a look in your diet and see what you are actually eating. Is it harmful or good for your body? Are you unknowingly creating or destroying something in your body? These are the fundamental principles of health. This really helps you to see that your body can be rehabilitated and improved. You’re preventing yourself from becoming healthy by limiting your growth and the natural cleansing of your body. We won’t go into detail, as there is so much available on the subject. However, we are eager to talk about these topics that you can put into practice in your day. It’s all part of the charm. You can take care yourself using these health principles.


Let’s start with Whole Foods. These are whole foods made from natural whole food, which include fruits, vegetables grains, nuts and other unprocessed items. You can eat them straight off the tray without any preparation. How come that for many millennia people have taken care to themselves and not got into the same difficulties as we are? It seems like our health has deteriorated. It is all due to the processed foods that are being consumed nowadays. We have upset the balance of the natural foods we should be eating. Take a look at today’s Western diet. It shows that there is a lot of sugar and saturated oils. And we are substituting water for sodas or other colas. It’s simply not right. The whole body is being stripped of its old foods and nutrients. Our bodies require some type of natural food or nutrition to help them build and repair their bodies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get it very often. We would expect different results from whole foods if our bodies were receiving something else. This is why people today are often more sick than those who lived hundreds of years ago. The recent 100-year-old processed food revolution has really changed the health of our country and made it worse. When we look back at the natural health foods of many years ago, when people didn’t have to deal with the same health issues that we do today, whole foods could be an eye-opener. This is one principle of good health. This is similar to eating fruit alone. It has many healing properties that can provide energy and vitality. It’s easy to eat fruits. This will give us energy to stay healthy and strong. You won’t have any worries about viruses, bacteria, or other harmful agents entering your body. They will be eliminated quickly. Vegetables make excellent food choices as they are strong and healthy and can help keep our bodies strong. This is especially true if vegetables are low in GI like sweet potatoes brown rice, beet roots and carrots. They will help to strengthen our bodies.

It’s fun to talk about whole food, herbs, and spices. Check out the ancient Chinese healing methods, and the ancient civilizations that used herbs as a way to treat ailments. These are the main reasons they work. Certain herbs target certain parts of your body so it’s not a problem to include them in your diet. Some of these herbs may be found in ancient Chinese medicine, if you do some research. These herbs are very useful and can be applied in your own life today to treat ailments they suffered thousands of years before. The health benefits of nuts, seeds, and other berries can be amazing. They can be added to your diet as whole foods, to ensure that you are a healthy being.

Another is milk, which is often mentioned quite a bit. There’s nothing wrong in milk. You can drink raw milk if you have all the nutrients your body needs. It’s rich in protein and essential oils, which gives you energy.

Raw honey, another food that I would like you to know about, is also natural. It is high in enzymes that can boost immunity. It can be used to heal external wounds as well as giving you good health. Honey is great for healing wounds and keeping them clean. As you have seen, there are plenty of whole and natural foods available that can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also add them to your diet, and it is never too late. You can still have them if you were lacking in the past. They are easy to introduce to your lifestyle to boost and transform it.


Water is another important principle in health. You probably know that we all contain more than 70% water. This is because it is important for building new cells and maintaining our health. Water is an important part of us. We should allow it the ability to work with us. Drinking water is an act of deprivation that can lead to your body’s proper nutrition and health. Each cell needs to receive and remove certain nutrients. You might see one cell and it may contain a building block which requires a certain nutrient. The system can only go so far if it has enough water. Electrically-charged water is great for us, as we are electrically loaded beings. Electricity is the only thing that sustains us. Our bodies contain pulses that move here and there to send electrical signals between the brain, other parts of our bodies and cells, as well as to various muscle groups and muscles. Water must be an integral part of this process in order to allow this to happen. Salt water is also very beneficial. Salt water is also very good. It will allow for easier delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Drinking enough water is key to any weight-loss or fitness program. This is because water can eliminate toxins and excess fat cells from your body. Without sufficient water, your body will not be capable of carrying out this process correctly. Water is an essential part the body’s overall system. Let’s make sure it is maintained and continue to build it. It is recommended that we drink at most eight glasses of water daily. A person who is larger or has excess weight might need to consume more water, such as 10-12 glasses per daily. It all depends on the structure of your body. If you feel thirsty your body is already starving for water. You should ensure your water intake is adequate. Your urine color and sweat production are both good indicators. You should drink more water if you have a cloudy urine color. It’s just a matter maintaining it. Water is an essential part.


Next is Air. Air is essential for us because it is necessary to breathe. However, every cell in our body survives on oxygen. We must allow all cells to breathe. Without enough oxygen in our bodies, we will eventually become hypoxic and toxins won’t be released. You must breathe well. Outdoors, you can also obtain electrically-charged oxygen. It is essential. It is possible to find ozone in your air, especially if there are lightning strikes nearby. Ozone is actually detectable by lightning, particularly if you are near it. The same type of smell is present when you go to the seaside; it’s like the ocean’s. O3 is very good for you. It’s a very good thing for you. It’s possible to take five deep breathes daily, which will help your body get reenergized. Deep breathing is great for opening up your airways. It also increases oxygen levels.


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