Choose between the Lipstick Styles and the Makeup Style

Which lipstick suits you best? The color of your hair, skin, and clothes will all influence the choice of lipstick. Make-up artists can help you choose the right shade of lipstick and gloss.

You are a true perfectionist. Since childhood, you are drawn to beauty and the most beautiful people. Your impression of others is what you consider to be the most important aspect about your life. Accept the way you are and don’t stress about the small details. Instead, find a way to overcome difficult situations. You can solve any problem quickly and do everything on your own. Makeup artists advise such girls to use a pink lipstick that has a crimson- or cyclamen color. You can pair it with retro make up. For a youthful, vibrant look, you can use thin arrows to highlight your upper eyelids. But, never use intense shadows. It would be vulgar and cheap to use blue shadows.

You are energetic and love to try new things. Do you like being around people and sharing your ideas with them? You’re an eccentric artist. You love to go to cinemas, theatres, and exhibitions. These girls are great friends as they share their optimism with everyone. Makeup artists have recommended the best orange lipstick colors to use with copper, red and terracotta eye shadows. Use fond de teint on your skin to blush your cheeks and apply a coral pink, or peach blush. Avoid tanning, as it can make your skin appear tanned and cause your orange lips not to stand out.

You are a leader of nature. Your honesty and determination are admired by many. You are self-confident and confident. You are a visible presence at the office. You are visible to everyone in the department. Are you more comfortable with males? Your coworkers praise your charm and sexuality. You tend to view their responsibilities in a positive light and are always striving to win. Bangalore bridal makeup artist recommend you use bright lipstick and minimal makeup. This is the best way to go. Use mascara to highlight your brows. If you aren’t used to using shadows, stop using them. Avoid wearing your lips fuller than Angelina Jolie, and instead opt for pastel shades in burgundy.

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