The most effective leaders know to keep things simple

So many people seem to try to complicate their lives and activities by doing everything possible. This is a terrible trait for anyone who wants to be a successful leader. Leaders who can motivate others to listen are the most successful. They also communicate a clear, concise message that penetrates the mind. A message must be easy to understand and be recognized as meeting a critical and important need in order to be transmitted and received successfully. Confusion stated, “Life is simple, but we insist that it be complicated.” Effective leadership is based on the understanding and application of basic principles. Mike McGahan CLV Group who keep their messages focused and on the point and concise will get more attention. To be a leader effectively, one must first get others to hear his ideas and consider his message.

1. Leaders often set ambitious goals because they are motivated to make a difference and want to be a positive leader. It is good for leaders to have ambitious plans and priorities. Then, it is important that they determine if the order in which they are executed makes a difference. A great leader will give a concise overview of his vision to motivate others. However, he doesn’t get too involved in the details. He should pick one or two things and explain in the most simple and direct way why they are important and what can be done to make them happen. When historians have looked at President Lyndon Johnson’s rise to the Presidency following the assassination, they often refer to Johnson’s greatest asset: a deep understanding of politics (especially the Congress) and how to get things done. Johnson knew he had to fulfill President Kennedy’s agenda and pass many difficult concepts before he could set his own agenda and leave a legacy. Johnson knew how to prioritize agendas to achieve the larger picture.

2. This goes beyond the simple adage “Keep it short and sweet”. This is the understanding that leaders who are not as involved as others in leadership do not have the same level of understanding, commitment or desire to understand all details. Great leaders clearly communicate what must be done and when it should be done. They also emphasize the importance of getting others involved and supportive. Keep it simple, that’s what I mean.

Leaders must stay on the same message and have support. This can only happen if he keeps his message concise and sweet.

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