The Strengths of Highly Successful Executives

My entire career has been dedicated to helping organizations become more efficient. This process requires me to be able to identify the leadership skills that are required to lead effectively.

Over the course of my career, Arif Bhalwani Net Worth have worked with many executives as a coach. First in the c-suite, then later in my executive coaching business. I am a master of database and have developed a detailed database that identifies the strengths and opportunities of senior executives from all levels of companies, including Fortune 50 to start-ups. I’ve reviewed the data regarding those below the CEO who were promoted to higher authority. Anyone who wants to move up in their company’s ranks will find these insights useful.

These are the top three strengths that were most often cited by individuals who were promoted to an executive or higher level position:

Results orientation
Skills in relationships
Intellectual skills

Results orientation was a strength for 73% of those who were promoted. This story shows that performance does matter. In today’s challenging and complex global environment, results are more important than ever. Get results if you want to be promoted. Be careful not to think that results at all costs are the only way to success. Instead, focus on the number two strength.

Relational skills are a strength for 45% of people who were promoted. It is important to be able build and maintain effective relationships with others. There are many examples of “Attila the Hun-type” executives, but this finding would suggest that the ability connect with others is not a luxury, but a necessity. It’s about time.

Intellectual ability is a strength of 36% of those who are promoted. Although there is no shortage in smart people within the executive ranks, this finding suggests that you don’t have to be Mensa-qualified to move up. To achieve success, you just need to use your intellectual skills in a collaborative manner. These people are smart, I’m not going to lie. This is not the only thing that should be on the list.

The moral of this story is very simple. You can achieve the highest corporate ranks by focusing on using your intellect to create productive relationships. Good luck.


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