About Us

The Odessa city food market, a unique culinary project in the center of Odessa, is the city’s only food market. 13 cafes on 1200m2, 6 bars, 6 bars and a concert space. A wide range of cuisines and an amazing atmosphere. Both a historical setting and a modern interior. It was officially inaugurated July 19, 2017, and has already been loved by Odessans, as well guests.

In the middle of Odessa was launched a unique Ukrainian gastronomic venture, the City Food Market, at the close of July 2017. In the former building of a commercial bank at the corner Rishelievskaya/ Grecheskaya streets, a food marketplace was created. This old building housed 13 bars and 6 cafes. The project authors made sure that there was somewhere for dancing. The dance floor is located on ground floor, just next to stage. Alex Cooper, an acclaimed restaurateur, was the original initiator of Odesa Food Market. According to Cooper, the idea for the project was inspired by his visits to the city markets of Milan or Florence. You can eat in the hall (from an area 1200m2
Only 300 “squares”, which are only available to rent, are available for visitors. Some products, including pastries, wine, and fish, are also available for purchase. There are many restaurants in the City Food Market. They all offer different dishes and have unique concepts. Alex Cooper announced the new format for the Odessa City Food Market at the beginning of 2020. In July 2020, Odessa City Food Market was revived. The renovation included the addition of new businesses and an upgrade to the market’s interior.