What to Eat

Odesa Food Market today has around two dozen cafes, as well several bars. Some cafes have a special menu that features a certain product.


The fish format includes seafood and fish dishes. The format’s concept is simple: tasty dishes at a very low price. Fish can be prepared in several ways. We have found that prices are fairly consistent. The average check is between 120 and 150 Hryvnia.


Whole carcasses of meat are purchased, which assures the highest quality product and reduces the cost for ready-made meals. The cafe is open according to what meat is available. The meat court is a delight for lovers of steaks (from only 149 hryvnias), delicious roast beef with Chili, and other delicious dishes.


Mussel lovers will love the single-product format “Mussel Culture”. They are served in bowls and can be eaten as snacks or with pesto or anchovies. Prices for Black Sea mussels are starting at 80 hryvnia a serving


This format is intended for pasta and pizza lovers. You’ll find a great selection of dishes and reasonable prices at the City Food Market in Odessa. National cuisine lovers will be pleased.

Features of national cuisine


From the name “Jerusalem Bazaar”, it is obvious that we are referring to Middle Eastern cuisine. Special offer: Jerusalem Mix, Fried Chicken Legs with Hummus, Vegetables, and Pita Bread. For 150 to 200 hryvnia you can eat in a café.


Chinese cuisine has lost the exotic status it once held. G-Group Company offers Peking Duck, chicken noodle soup and rice as well as seafood dishes.

You can also try Greek, Jewish, and Genoese cuisines at many of these locations. Many people are impressed by the high quality service and low price of food.

Drink at Odesa Food Market

As we already stated, the City Food Market Odessa is a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal as well as a cup coffee, a glass beer, or a variety of wines.

Alex Cooper and Nastya Mikolyuk, the chief barista of the institution, collaborated on this project. There is a large selection of coffee available at this institution. The institution offers a variety of teas and coffees for those who love it.

Cocktails & Craft Beer Bar
There are many options for craft beer and signature cocktails. You can also choose to order pure alcohol or limit your consumption to mixed drinks. Rebrew, Varvar, Underwood and Varvar are popular breweries from Ukraine.

Bar is a wine lover’s favorite. Here are the wines from European and Ukrainian winemakers. We recommend the Ukrainian winery Kolonist, you’ll be pleased.

After eating, drinking and relaxing, it was time to have some fun. On the ground floor of Odessa City Food Market, chairs can be taken apart under the stage to create a dance area. It is now possible to dance and listen to live music. Many well-known bands perform here, such as Odin in the canoe, Lumiere and other performers.

Odessans are now attracted to the Odessa City Food Market. Alex Cooper talks about plans for expanding the food market. The plan also allows for construction of a new stage that will allow 700 people to view and hear the musicians.